Stay Cool and Beat the Heat, 5 Fresh Foods You Should Know In This Summer

Healthy-FoodIn such a hot summer, it’s time to choose some tasty foods which will help you to keep a very nice appetite in this hot summer. As we known, our appetite will run low and the thirst will go up in summer. So in order to stay cool and energetic this summer, please read the following passage and find delicious foods.


1. Cucumber

Cucumber contains plenty of moisture and is rich in B vitamins. Because its main component is water, it will help you to lose weight and increase your digestion. If you often eat cucumber, you will keep healthy and hydrated. Another big profit of cucumber is that eating cucumber will help control your blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is an amazing fruit in summers. First, watermelon is a luscious fruit which is power packed with nutrients. Second, watermelon is also a great food which can help you keep cool. As we said earlier, our thirst will go up in summer. So watermelon which is over 90% water perfectly meets our needs in hot summers. You can also use a watermelon to make slush with chilled ice or a watermelon smoothie for your children in the home.

3. Mango

Although mango is not very famous in Western countries, it is popular in the East. Mango is a sweet and yummy food I think. Over 70% of the daily calcium will be intaken if you drink a cup of mango. So mango is the best alternative to oranges. Chilled shake or a mango smoothie is very popular in summer parties.

4. Mint

Mint is a nutritious food which has many health benefits such as preventing headache, nausea. You can try to drink chilled ice with black pepper and mint. It will make you pretty cooler. With this amazing food, the hot summer will be a distant dream.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt aids digestion which can keep you away from gastrointestinal tract infections. Yogurt is power packed with probiotics and it will give you a cool feeling. There are different kinds of yogurts you can choose such as low fat, full fat and fruit yogurt. You can choose the best one for you and adding fresh fruits in it will be perfect!

To avoid digestive and infections problems in summer, it is good to eat some fresh foods. Do not eat too much junk food or oily foods. It is not good for your body. Instead, organic and fresh foods should be paid more attention. When you buy them in the supermarket, ensure that they are fresh and good. Study shows that Fresh food is not only beneficial for your physiological body, but also is excellent for getting a happy emotion.